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Under the long experience and ISO9001 management system, we deliver molds with high precision, high performance, and long life for customer needs.

Processing and Manufacturing

By using main equipment such as NC lathe and machining, we manufacture processed products such as molds, parts, and jigs.

Japanese technical staff are also permanently stationed, and we support you with Japanese quality.

By enhancing various inspection equipment, we adjust the assurance system for high-precision products and aim higher.

Reverse engineering

By measuring the actual product, digitizing, and drawing with the non-contact coordinate measuring machine (Digitizer), CAM data creation, machining, and inspection can be performed consistently. Therefore, the mold can be duplicated.

Since the non-contact coordinate measuring machine (Digitizer) is a movable type, it is possible to measure at the customer’s site.

Digitizer is used for:
・Measurement assurance of the entire surface
(Mold, Customer’s product, Electrode for electric spark machining, etc.)
We meet multiple needs such as visual evaluation of distortion and warpage, significant reduction in measurement time, and description as colormap.
・Reverse engineering
(Mold is manufactured from the measured product.)

Quality assurance

Various inspection equipment is installed.
Under the guidance of Japanese technicians, we deliver reliable peace of mind to our customers.

We regularly check the accuracy of machine tools and measuring equipment.
Moreover, we strive for quality assurance and stable supply in each process and final inspection.

We have equipment to ensure quality such as contact coordinate measuring machine.

Machining equipment
UnitUsable dimension (mm)
Vertical machining centerVM53ROKK11000x500x500
Vertical machining centerVB53ROKK11000x500x500
Vertical machining centerHM630OKK11000x900x900
CNC latheNLX2500DMG Mori1φ280x700
CNC latheSL-303DMG Mori1φ280x700
CNC combined latheNTX1000DMG Mori1φ200 (450x200x800)
Wire-electric discharge machineα-1iEFanuc1600x400x300
Gun drill machineMLEG-1000Miroku Machinery1φ6-24 (800x900x300)
Surface grinderPSG126DXOkamoto Machinery11200x600x500
Surface grinderACC64SA1Okamoto Machinery1600x400x300
Cylinder grinderGUP32x1000Jtekt1φ280 x 1000
Discharge machine for small holeCT9000FXElenix1300x400x300
Hydraulic pressesKPD-500VSOsaka Jack1500t (500x500x450)
Non-contact coordinate measuring machineATOSGOM2500x500x500
Contact coordinate measuring machineCONTURACarl Zeiss1700x900x600